Sunday, February 14

happy ♥ day!

Some of my fave shots from our outdoor shoot prior to the wedding... Thought today might be the perfect day to share with you guys :) Happy Valentine's and a happy lunar new year!

p/s yes, we're married! will share pics once i get my hands on them


  1. Oooooh, these definitely don't look like they were taken in SG! Where was this? Gorgeous skies and love the colourful touch of the balloons :)

    Congrats on your wedding, doll!

  2. hey sweetie! these were taken in SG, perhaps the editing I did makes it look a little more dreamy :) At Marina barrage to be exact! heheeee..

  3. Loving the theme of your photoshoot! Bet it was awesome fun! (:

  4. the photos are lovely!! yeah they really don't look like they're taken in sg. anyways congrats on your wedding and I wish you happy always. xox :)