Sunday, August 9


Well, hi there!

I'm still here, albeit a little off the radar... I totally didn't mean to disappear like that but life's been getting a hold of me.

And whatever time left has been filled with all things Michael Jackson. Yes, I must admit it. It has become quite the consuming obsession since his passing. Any and every time you find me in front of the computer after work, i would be engrossed watching videos of him. And i prolly see this at least once each day, go take a look, the kids are so sweet! But on a serious note, i truly feel he is one of the most misunderstood and most talented person ever.

And the only creating I have done lately has been fulfilling orders and a large order for a local make-up artiste. Where has my groove gone?!

Aye aye aye... Well, here's a few links to share;

- oh so cute!
- very interesting video, really makes you think about what formal education does to the creative mind
- to ponder
- super excited with my newest buy!
- and i totally can't wait for this movie to be out, Zooey Deschanel makes me wants to wear pretty dresses all day, everyday