Monday, June 15

Let's make tent!

I enjoy browsing designs of boutique hotels where each and every room brings you a totally varying experience. And then I came across Hotel Fox from Copenhagen. Especially that one at the bottom called sleep seasons! How cool to have a tent-liked bed in a hotel room? You could like ..ahem set up tent and sleep in the 'wild' and have a pretty jolly time with the room service :p

And if you can't make it to Copenhagen (like me), you might just want to improvise in your living room, like Katie did here.


  1. i want to visit copenhagen quite badly and now i see this, this beats all our boutique hotels hands down.

    yknow i'm beginning to find you more and more familiar, but i'm still not sure if memory serves me right. haha but i think i am right :]

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  3. dear sina,

    i've an award for you!

    love, adeline