Tuesday, June 2

Exciting news this monday...

This week is set to be an exciting one!

First of all, I got accepted for the exhibit over at paperNstitch for month of June and half of July *squee* I have always coveted the lovely shops on display and am so excited to be one of them this month! For those not familiar, paperNstitch is a curated online exhibition space for handmade goodies that changes each month. Go over for a peek, there's over 60 shops showcased this month with a whole variety of items for sale.

And get this - The shop with the most hearts each month
wins a month on papernstitch for free AND also a cash prize! Makes it that more exciting, eh? So if you like what you see, click on the heart and send me some loving, won't you? :)

And the second news, i officially start my 9-6 again this week! Although I don't look forward to the morning rush hour, i am so looking forward to the steady income :p Its kind of a flexi arrangement, so i will be working about 4 days a week and the remaining time will be dedicated for eraseandrepeat making. Its something I have been wanting to do for a while and am so delighted to have this opportunity now.

How's that for exciting news on a Monday? *wink*


  1. Congrats on being selected on PaperNStitch! I love that website!

  2. so jealous! paper and stitch is fantastic. I'd love to get some of my work there eventually.

  3. thanks lovelies! :))

    bumblesea - YOU would have no problem getting your work on pNs, that much i'm pretty sure!

  4. haha.. I hope so? I'll let you know if they let me in their pearly gates.