Monday, June 15

Let's make tent!

I enjoy browsing designs of boutique hotels where each and every room brings you a totally varying experience. And then I came across Hotel Fox from Copenhagen. Especially that one at the bottom called sleep seasons! How cool to have a tent-liked bed in a hotel room? You could like ..ahem set up tent and sleep in the 'wild' and have a pretty jolly time with the room service :p

And if you can't make it to Copenhagen (like me), you might just want to improvise in your living room, like Katie did here.

Sunday, June 14

Saturday, June 13

Collage ladies

"Kat Macleod’s collage ladies will inspire confusing feelings of wardrobe envy, even though they are drawings and not people. She finds fashion, textiles, new art supplies and old books inspiring."

I'm totally loving this series of collage illustrations from Kat Macleod, hailing from Australia. I could not find if there is a particular outlet where she's selling these directly but they are for sale here. Smitten!

Friday, June 12

Item of the day!

Have you heard of Etsy Item of the Day?

Nope, I'm not referring to the daily email subscription from Etsy, what I am referring to here is a blog run a lovely lady, where she pick and choose to feature one Etsy item a day. Since there are so so many shops on Etsy, its so easy to get buried on the site itself. Thus i totally love the idea of Jackie's blog. And today, she picked my satin flower headband to feature! wooooot!

Go right on over to see what she has to say about eraseandrepeat and for more picks from Jackie.

Sunday, June 7

Word art for your walls

Lovely word art for your walls via {studio mela}

Tuesday, June 2


Totally smitten with this set of labels!

From the uber talented Yasmine of a print day, you can drop by here to download. Its gonna take me some willpower not to print like 50 pages of the notepad portion and make a set for myself. And the rounds labels on sticker paper... And the labels on cardstock coz you never know when you might need some in hand, ya know? Love, love, love...

Exciting news this monday...

This week is set to be an exciting one!

First of all, I got accepted for the exhibit over at paperNstitch for month of June and half of July *squee* I have always coveted the lovely shops on display and am so excited to be one of them this month! For those not familiar, paperNstitch is a curated online exhibition space for handmade goodies that changes each month. Go over for a peek, there's over 60 shops showcased this month with a whole variety of items for sale.

And get this - The shop with the most hearts each month
wins a month on papernstitch for free AND also a cash prize! Makes it that more exciting, eh? So if you like what you see, click on the heart and send me some loving, won't you? :)

And the second news, i officially start my 9-6 again this week! Although I don't look forward to the morning rush hour, i am so looking forward to the steady income :p Its kind of a flexi arrangement, so i will be working about 4 days a week and the remaining time will be dedicated for eraseandrepeat making. Its something I have been wanting to do for a while and am so delighted to have this opportunity now.

How's that for exciting news on a Monday? *wink*