Friday, May 1

So this thing about clutter...

This whole week has been all about spring cleaning and de-cluttering for me...

And for someone who really doesn't like cleaning, that took quite a bit of dedication i must say. It all started when i decided to finally sort/clean/organise my old room ~ to try and do up a craft nook where i can create and store all my craft stuff. Stuffs that has literally took over my bedroom. I'm not kidding when i say it was getting nauseating to be in the bedroom for such a long period of time everyday. And not very inspiring either.

The mission was simple. Just throw all the junk that i have not been using, clean a little (or a lot in this case) and make do for the next 9 months or so. But for the life of me, i didn't expect it to be so liberating! I seriously feel like a brand new person now with two clean and (fairly) organised room :) I guess i didn't quite realised how the space that you spend so much time in really can influence you (even though i have heard it way too many times before and yes, i am a trained Interior designer, damnit)

So the cleaning and throwing spree started last Sunday where i went through things from a decade ago and got snapping with the camera...

Top is my mom looking oh so pretty,
bottom left is yours truly prolly at 5/6 yrs old and
on the right is my eldest brother at his kindergarten graduation!

all the badges i received from NPCC in secondary (high) school

our family old Kodak! used to take this to excursions :)

errrm, unwashed water color palette from 5 years ago?!
makes a good picture though :p

There's many more from where that came from, see the whole collection in my flickr set.

And tonight, some stars in the universe must have aligned as i was switching channels on the telly, only to land on the Oprah's Clean up your Messy house tour!!! Did someone set me up? C'mon you guys, own up! LOL. It was a real interesting episode i must say. And of course, i had to go and find out more about this Peter Walsh guy and look what i found... This Is the Year to De-Clutter Your Life. Hello, story of my life!

I knew that I needed a kick in the rear to up and get organised not just at home but generally in life. To start taking actions instead of just planning. To make that first,second and the third steps after. For the first time ever, i am making a conscious decision to keep at this and de-clutter my space. To be more present with the choices i make daily. And to be honest, I have already started to feel more at peace than before. Peter mentioned that to have an organized and clutter free home and ultimately life, you need to honor and respect the space you have. WOW, what a thought! That is something they don't teach you in design school now.

Well, I'll let you know how it unfolds :) pictures of the new craft area will be up in a few weeks as i slowly put everything together. Exciting!


  1. I know the feeling! Organising makes such a difference....

  2. And i guess the bonus was finding all these treasures from the past that i have totally forgotten about :)

  3. i love the palette!