Thursday, May 28

Of journal and journaling

A blank page awaits...

I have been trying (very hard, i might add) to start journaling on a consistent basis; ie everyday. But try as I might, it seems so difficult to pick up the journal and start writing..hmmm...

So in a spur of the moment, I decided that I should make myself one. What could be more inspiring than writing in your own hand-bound, self-decorated journal right? So in the middle of the night, I literally pick up bits and pieces from the table and glue them down. I had started on some signatures way back from a blank notepad so that came very handy for the body. My usual perfectionist tendencies was left behind on this project as I allow myself to venture out of my analytical mind and focus more of the colours and textures - trying new things that i don't normally think would look good together. And even though it looks kind of haphazard in a way, i'm pretty satisfied with the outcome.

Now the next step is to errrr.. actually start writing in it... :p


  1. Great cover! Really cute :D

  2. adore your cover, it's bril.creating the covers of my journal is one of my favourite parts, and yours really inspires me.