Tuesday, May 19

Its in colour!

So how do you likey the spanking new design and layout?

I've been working my very rusty hands on photoshop this couple of days and spend the whole day today playing with the mouse and going crossed eyed with the blog's html codes. The last I editted codes was prolly 6 years ago! Been wanting to switch to a 3 column layout for a while now and finally managed to find a clear tute today that works. I'm a happy bear! And i totally went crazy with the colours, didn't I? :p Well, looking at them makes me happy so I guess it'll stay for a while :))

And while at it, I totally started a brand new blog. I have been wistfully looking at tumblr journals this past few weeks and they all look so fresh and interesting. So i jumped on the bandwagon and started Words to Inspire for my own personal inspiration. I love collecting quotes and anecdotes and have trouble keeping them in one place, so tumblr is perfect! And of course, I can't resist adding some yummy pictures that I came across as well :)

Very productive day indeed...


  1. I am loving the new layout, so pretty! You make me feel brave enough to try a 3 column! That might have to be a 2010 project though :) I still need to finish my office space! Have you ever thought about designing wall art?

  2. It was much easier than i anticipated actually! :) Designing wall art? Like how, Aimee?

  3. wall art like your pretty pieces mount and displayed in a shadow box, maybe with a vintagey frame. it would be pretty, you could do a whole series.