Monday, April 6

well, hello there...

I've been MIA for a bit now, haven't I? Well, let's list a few things i've been up to...
- recovering from my cold (without a trip to the doc's...yayyyy!)
- finding a job
- finding a job
- finding a job and still thinking about what i really want to be doing
- making a scrapbook collection of our awesome memories from the past 4 years for the mister
- celebrating a year since we got engaged
- meeting a potential photographer for the wedding and learning they are wayyyyy too expensive, bummer!
- meeting with the team who are doing up the decor for our reception and being pleasantly surprised :)
- going on a shopping trip for supplies and buying way more things than i need
- thinking about how to improve my Etsy shop and thinking about new items to make (note how its thinking and not making)
- starting new hairpieces but not finishing them

I think i just needed a little break from the online world for a bit there to catch up on some real world activities. And figuring out what to do now that my three month self-imposed break (exile) from work is up.... and the reality of bills, a wedding, a new house and renovations are creeping in... eeeeek!

Pictures above are from our day out in Arab Street. Initial plan to go on a picnic and/or the zoo(!) didn't quite materialise, no thanks to the erratic weather this few weeks. Boohooo... We finally made it out in the afternoon; a short walk clicking about with the Canon and then dinner at our usual place.

Brand new week, brand new to do list. Time to get cracking!


  1. Hey there Sina. Glad you're doing well now from the cold. Those pics from Arab Street makes me feel bit nostalgic about SG city life. :)

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  2. again good luck with job hunting. and wedding planning. how eggciting!

  3. riz - when are you coming back? we totally must meet up and talk etsy when you are!! hurhur...

    cherbie - thanks darl!
    (i'm still) crossing my fingers that both of us will land an awesome job soon. One can only withstand the call of all things gorgeous on etsy for so long without spending!! :p