Friday, April 24


{image from Poppytalk handmade}

Wooooott! Eraseandrepeat is featured today on Poppytalk handmade for the Mother's day showcase, together with lots of other pretties. Do go over for a peek!

Thanks so much to Jan for including my Candy Pop necklace. I responded to her tweet last night and was pleasantly surprised when i came by her blog today... Okay, i admit i might have let out a tiny squeal :p

Hmmm.. What have I been up to this week? Well, I took a short break early in the week and have since been working on my custom order, making multiple trips to the supplies store and also dreaming of feather hairpieces and hairbands. My fingers are itching to get started on them feathers, can't wait!

Have a lovely weekend you guys!

Thursday, April 23

A little bit of old world charm

{image from here}

Always always in awe at the things Livy comes up with... this time round its vintage music sheet turned into cones and edged with butterflies! This would be so perfect filled with rose petals for a wedding ceremony in a old chapel. And if you've not been to her blog before, you definitely should be a-visiting. I promise you won't be disappointed :)

Detailed instructions and how tos for the cones published here on Once Wed.

{image from here}

And whilst going click happy on Once Wed, i found this image that looks so perfect to me. How much would i love to be wearing a dress like that! *sigh*

I have a secret message...

Now, i wouldn't mind receiving one of this... Perhaps taped to the window, next to the study table... A perfect reminder that really, it's okay!

More goodness over at her shop the Sweetie Pie Press


Totally love the styling in this picture! From the walls lined with pages from a vintage(?) book, the flowers in the metal pail, the stacks and stacks of books, the super huge cross stitched frame, and of course the lovely dress, so ethereal!

To read more on the interview with the wedding dress designer, go here. For more eye candy, drop by Elizabeth Dye's website here.

Thursday, April 9

Sparkle sparkle

Newest addition to my bridal hairpieces. This one comes with a little more sparkle! Can i be a little shameless and say that i love it?

Tuesday, April 7

A note i received the other day...

"hello! i just wanted to let you know that i wear the black heart cross stitched pin almost every day. i love it so very, very much. <3"

she totally made my day!

Monday, April 6

well, hello there...

I've been MIA for a bit now, haven't I? Well, let's list a few things i've been up to...
- recovering from my cold (without a trip to the doc's...yayyyy!)
- finding a job
- finding a job
- finding a job and still thinking about what i really want to be doing
- making a scrapbook collection of our awesome memories from the past 4 years for the mister
- celebrating a year since we got engaged
- meeting a potential photographer for the wedding and learning they are wayyyyy too expensive, bummer!
- meeting with the team who are doing up the decor for our reception and being pleasantly surprised :)
- going on a shopping trip for supplies and buying way more things than i need
- thinking about how to improve my Etsy shop and thinking about new items to make (note how its thinking and not making)
- starting new hairpieces but not finishing them

I think i just needed a little break from the online world for a bit there to catch up on some real world activities. And figuring out what to do now that my three month self-imposed break (exile) from work is up.... and the reality of bills, a wedding, a new house and renovations are creeping in... eeeeek!

Pictures above are from our day out in Arab Street. Initial plan to go on a picnic and/or the zoo(!) didn't quite materialise, no thanks to the erratic weather this few weeks. Boohooo... We finally made it out in the afternoon; a short walk clicking about with the Canon and then dinner at our usual place.

Brand new week, brand new to do list. Time to get cracking!

putting on my dancing shoes

this is so awesome!!! via {capucha}