Friday, March 27


I'm in the midst of fighting off a cold, hence the silence here... Although, rushing off orders and taking photos, editting and listing all the new pieces has totally been taking up the time meant for some rest. I admit to being a little too obssessed with the new collection :p

Here's some of my Flickr favourites for the moment, some eye candy in lovely hues of spring. Enjoy!

1. Rose in Hand, 2. Toast UK, 3. Untitled, 4. Untitled,

5. Untitled, 6. hello there letterpress card, 7. ritzy bee collateral,

8. Untitled, 9. Pink Buttons Frame Clutch

And psssstt, if you have not seen the latest project by Holly (decor8) and Ez (Ceature comforts), you totally should be heading to Kindred. Gorgeous downloadable wallpaper, note cards & gratitude notes awaits! And there's a forum too, perhaps the perfect chance to get to know your fave artists/blogger better.

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  1. Sina! Come join my Spring Giveaway!


    Oh, and I returned your tag about addictions too! Haha!