Sunday, March 1

Seeing wedding all round...

Eeeeek! Has it been 10 days since my last update? Where have I been??!

Well, its hard to say really.. Mostly i've been knee deep in the preparations/research/hunt for vendors for the wedding that is now 11 months away. And it seems every other bride has booked their vendors wayyyy in advance and i am one of the few left skittering.... so yeah.. its been kinda mad. I now need to finalise the caterer for the reception.Soon. And decide which photographer and videographer i really want... Not easy for a Libran i tell you! For i am not a decision maker, i am one who will mull over every single aspect, over and over. Acckk..

And if you don't mind a little bit of wedding, i'd like to share these videos...

Julia + Phil Trash the Dress from StillMotion on Vimeo.

Betsy + Chase - Same-Day Edit - Tupelo, MS from StillMotion on Vimeo.

These are seriously my faves ever. Esp of the girl jumping into the lake for the TTD! What a perfect way to capture the memories. NOW i'm wishing i was super duper loaded, so that i could fly them (the filming crew not the brides!) half way across the world to film us... sigh..

Well, a girl can wish right?


  1. You're back! :D
    The first video is AMAZING!! I got to show this to a friend of mine who's coming over in 2 hours because she's gonna get married next year in May and I help her with the planing. The only problem is that she wants me to take the wedding pictures which scares the crap out of me! I just got my camera and I still don't know how to use it let alone take great wedding pictures, but at least I still got a year to pratice LOL.

    Can't wait to get a sneak peak of your plans and your dress :)

  2. The first video is SUPERB! Thanks for sharing! I had fun reading your posts! Good luck for the wedding :)

  3. Miss behave - Tts great! Perhaps you can join me in stalking wedding photographers blog/websites...hahahaaaa. The guys above do some kickass photography as well-

    And yes, practice practice practice!

    Piggy - Glad you enjoyed it too! I think TTD is slowly becoming a trend in Singapore too, would you personally trash your dress??