Wednesday, March 11

No words, just gratitude I don't know what to say but WOW and thank you. You've got to stay with me on this one.

So I started the day by looking at my shop hearts as usual. Ever since the Flora Enchanment has been in the gift guides, it has been bringing in lots of views and hearts (yayy!). So the no. of new hearts didn't quite faze me as it usually would.

Then i received an email from musettemade that she included my Full Bloom in her lovely Plum treasury. This obviously made me a pretty happy girl...

and i thought that was it. Till i came across this new link from one of my contacts on Twitter. Its a new site that helps you track if and when you're featured in a treasury. Definitely beats going through the Etsy treasury list and wishing and looking for a gold or silver star! So of course i had to try it out. And then this happen...

Eraseandrepeat is featured in 4 treasuries?? At the present moment? For real?! I was so excited i tell you... and so off i went checking in on all the treasuries and my works were featured just as the website said. Now say it with me, Wowww!

I am so thrilled and so honoured that there are people out there who like my works. Oh my, its still kinda surreal sometimes. So here we go, these are the treasuries that i must share....

by musettemade
by illuminatedperfume

by decoratethediva

by poppylove

All images link back to the treasuries on Etsy, while they're still there.

So all you Etsy sellers out there, go ahead and try the fabulous new link. It might just make your day as it just did mine ♥


  1. Congratulations! I am so happy to have helped a little with your hearts:) Thanks for the great link!


  2. Well that's actually not a suprise honey because your stuff is awesome! But I think I told you this already :) Btw, I tagged you, now let's hear some of your addictions

    PS: I think you will get some pleats in addition to the swirls :)

  3. Shannon - thanks for dropping by! and thank YOU :)

    Miss behave - that you have :) My addictions? Are you sure you wanna hear them?! LOL..
    Btw, pleats AND swirls? you're truly spoliing me now... can't wait.

  4. congrats! well it's not so surprising considering how lovely your items are!!! :-)

  5. you are so awesome!! so happy to see all of this happening for your shop!!!