Sunday, March 15

I got tagged!

So i've been tagged by Miss Behave with this

and it seems i would need to share a little of my addictions (!!) with you guys... So here we go -

Addiction no.1 - Let's start with the latest one; peanut butter sandwich. Need i explain more?? Esp the stuff that is Skippy swirled with chocolate. Yummmy! But it is way too heaty though. Which sorta explains the huge ulcer i'm nursing now :(

Addiction no.2 - Grey's Anatomy & Gossip Girl. Addicteddddd. Bad. Hurhur... Yes, i must get my weekly dose of the two. But more of Grey's than anything. Damn it Derek, propose already!!

Addiction no.3 - Notebooks, sketchbooks, journals...blank, with lines, grids. Everything that can be written in, i love it and i'm buying it. I have prolly more than 15 journals right now unused, and don't let me get started on the one that i started to write/sketch/doodle in only to move onto the next one ^ -^

Addiction no.4 - Books. My buddy calls me a neurotic reader and perhaps i'm close to being one. Love, love books - novels, inspirational, craft, japanese craft... I'm still waiting for the day that i own a house with a floor to ceiling bookcase and have my collection all nicely stored in :)

Addiction no.5 - I have this habit of touching my hair. And errm.. twirling it. Sometimes. You know one of those irritating people who can't seem to stop touching and twirling their hair? I've become one of them!! Arghhhh.. (even though i still cannot stand looking at them) I think it was the thing i did to my hair. I have naturally frizzy unruly hair that has now been transformed to smooth nice looking curls thanks to my hairdresser, and i can't stop touching it! So i'm kinda addicted to my hair...LOL.. till it grows out i spose.

And to share more addictions, I'm tagging the following peeps whose blogs i enjoy reading,

Akiyo from My Dear Darling
Aimee from Creativitae
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Ruth from Sparklethots
Wynn from Zakkaart

So now its your turn to share your addictions, c'mon, let's play along!

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  1. I'm with on every single one of your addictions! In fact I'm just sitting here eating peanut butter and nutella toast waiting for the last Grey's Anatomy episode to download :)