Friday, March 27


I'm in the midst of fighting off a cold, hence the silence here... Although, rushing off orders and taking photos, editting and listing all the new pieces has totally been taking up the time meant for some rest. I admit to being a little too obssessed with the new collection :p

Here's some of my Flickr favourites for the moment, some eye candy in lovely hues of spring. Enjoy!

1. Rose in Hand, 2. Toast UK, 3. Untitled, 4. Untitled,

5. Untitled, 6. hello there letterpress card, 7. ritzy bee collateral,

8. Untitled, 9. Pink Buttons Frame Clutch

And psssstt, if you have not seen the latest project by Holly (decor8) and Ez (Ceature comforts), you totally should be heading to Kindred. Gorgeous downloadable wallpaper, note cards & gratitude notes awaits! And there's a forum too, perhaps the perfect chance to get to know your fave artists/blogger better.

Saturday, March 21


The first time i found Poladroid, i couldn't download the application as it was only meant for Mac users at that point. I went again this morning and guess what, now it is! (And i guess for a while already since i have not check in for a bit :p)

So what's a poladroid? Its this nifty application that turns your photos into polaroids!! So much fun! I can totally see myself spending way too much time on this...

And these are part of my newest necklace; layers of tiffany blue silk and a lil' bit of tulle on gold chain, with some swarovski and pearls. Oh, and the toggle clasps is a bird sitting on a branch... can i say i'm in love with that clasp? Had a lot of fun making this series of necklaces. More on my flickr.

Have a great weekend you guys!

Wednesday, March 18

Say what..

Wooott! Eraseandrepeat is currently featured on Creativitae as both the Etsy Love featured shop and also Blog of the week!

Do hop on over for a peek and also perhaps to take another look at my chubby cheeks. Ok, ok, maybe not the cheeks :p Thanks so much to Aimee for the great write up :)

Monday, March 16

Light and airy

Newest from the craft table...

I like the airy, floaty feel of the organza flower :) Its the first time i'm trying my hands at making a necklace, and it did take me a little time to adjust to gripping the pliers! But definitely enjoyed making this piece here. More to come... soon-ish!

Sunday, March 15

I got tagged!

So i've been tagged by Miss Behave with this

and it seems i would need to share a little of my addictions (!!) with you guys... So here we go -

Addiction no.1 - Let's start with the latest one; peanut butter sandwich. Need i explain more?? Esp the stuff that is Skippy swirled with chocolate. Yummmy! But it is way too heaty though. Which sorta explains the huge ulcer i'm nursing now :(

Addiction no.2 - Grey's Anatomy & Gossip Girl. Addicteddddd. Bad. Hurhur... Yes, i must get my weekly dose of the two. But more of Grey's than anything. Damn it Derek, propose already!!

Addiction no.3 - Notebooks, sketchbooks, journals...blank, with lines, grids. Everything that can be written in, i love it and i'm buying it. I have prolly more than 15 journals right now unused, and don't let me get started on the one that i started to write/sketch/doodle in only to move onto the next one ^ -^

Addiction no.4 - Books. My buddy calls me a neurotic reader and perhaps i'm close to being one. Love, love books - novels, inspirational, craft, japanese craft... I'm still waiting for the day that i own a house with a floor to ceiling bookcase and have my collection all nicely stored in :)

Addiction no.5 - I have this habit of touching my hair. And errm.. twirling it. Sometimes. You know one of those irritating people who can't seem to stop touching and twirling their hair? I've become one of them!! Arghhhh.. (even though i still cannot stand looking at them) I think it was the thing i did to my hair. I have naturally frizzy unruly hair that has now been transformed to smooth nice looking curls thanks to my hairdresser, and i can't stop touching it! So i'm kinda addicted to my hair...LOL.. till it grows out i spose.

And to share more addictions, I'm tagging the following peeps whose blogs i enjoy reading,

Akiyo from My Dear Darling
Aimee from Creativitae
Jacq from For the record
Ruth from Sparklethots
Wynn from Zakkaart

So now its your turn to share your addictions, c'mon, let's play along!

Thursday, March 12

Doilies & Buntings

Buntings of all patterns and colours have been making its way in blogland. I've seen some really lovely ones, like here, here and here. Then i saw this one up here; thrifted doilies on linen - two of my favourite things. So simple yet so pretty!

Made by ravenhill, shop here.

via {whip up}

Wednesday, March 11

No words, just gratitude I don't know what to say but WOW and thank you. You've got to stay with me on this one.

So I started the day by looking at my shop hearts as usual. Ever since the Flora Enchanment has been in the gift guides, it has been bringing in lots of views and hearts (yayy!). So the no. of new hearts didn't quite faze me as it usually would.

Then i received an email from musettemade that she included my Full Bloom in her lovely Plum treasury. This obviously made me a pretty happy girl...

and i thought that was it. Till i came across this new link from one of my contacts on Twitter. Its a new site that helps you track if and when you're featured in a treasury. Definitely beats going through the Etsy treasury list and wishing and looking for a gold or silver star! So of course i had to try it out. And then this happen...

Eraseandrepeat is featured in 4 treasuries?? At the present moment? For real?! I was so excited i tell you... and so off i went checking in on all the treasuries and my works were featured just as the website said. Now say it with me, Wowww!

I am so thrilled and so honoured that there are people out there who like my works. Oh my, its still kinda surreal sometimes. So here we go, these are the treasuries that i must share....

by musettemade
by illuminatedperfume

by decoratethediva

by poppylove

All images link back to the treasuries on Etsy, while they're still there.

So all you Etsy sellers out there, go ahead and try the fabulous new link. It might just make your day as it just did mine ♥

Tuesday, March 10

A customised piece

A customised piece for a returning customer, who had previously bought my silk flower hairpin. This time round, she wanted a customised piece to go with a costume that she had, hence the new burst of colours.

I managed to find 2 beautiful shades that i thought would go well together with the light blue. I have to admit, I had a little doubt that the colours were too bold, too bright to be put together. But once I got started, it just fell together nicely.

Hope you'll like it Amy :)

Now I'm daring to experiment with more bold colour choices!

Monday, March 9

c'mon let's dance!

Now wouldn't this have made your Monday? Esp if you were on your dreary way to work?

via {capucha}, via{lifeforsharing}

Friday, March 6

Giveaway at danni's

psssssssssttt... the lovely Danni from ohhellofriend has organised another great giveaway again!

Look at all those yummy goodies. And they are all from different shops participating. Isn't that great? So, what are you waiting for? Go, go, go!

Nostalgic whimsy

Wait. What??? Doesn't that look mighty familiar now? weeeeeeeeeeeeeee... Eraseandrepeat is on the gift page again!! I nearly choked my peanut butter sandwich (a new midnight addiction i must must have, so much for losing weight!) when i saw it on the frontpage, esp because it was at that top left corner *smiles like crazy* Makes me just want to go round hugging the Etsy admins.

And we were also featured on Cuteable a few days back, here. Great way to end the week uh? Thanks Lynsey!!

Now have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 5

A journey of Authenticity

" If we want to understand our struggles with perfectionism, judgment, blame, and disconnection, we have to step into it. If we want to know compassion, courage, authenticity, and belonging - we have to walk through it. We can hold hands, but we gotta go. "

Something that has been close to my heart since the last couple of years. The journey back to authenticity. Back then, when i had started questioning my own struggles with life, it didn't have the the fancy mumbo jumbo. Beneath all this external build up that i had thought was acting as a shield against the world, there was me. Once with the perfection of a child, worry free and without boundary. Before getting messed up and made into moulds of what we should be doing, should be saying to be accepted. Its something I'm still struggling with. Everyday. To make a choice in living authentically, even when its hard. But as they say, a journey of a thousand miles start with a single step...

There is no doubt when i discovered Brene's work and her blog that i felt an instant connectivity. It spoke to me. Brene is so open with her thoughts and feelings and the way the express her feeling into written words is just so succinct at times. The image above will definitely be making its way onto my wall, as a quick reminder each day that I'm not alone and its ok to be scared and I must forge on ♥

I dropped by today to the news of her new books (there are 2), a read along and also a start to a movement. How exciting! The book in question is I Thought It was just Me :Women Reclaiming Power and Courage in a Culture of Shame. The wholehearted movement will be where there's going to be a lot of sharing and learning. What a great way to get people up and moving. I can't wait for it to start!

If you have not been there before, do go over for a look ♥

p/s All this rain (its been raining very heavily all week) is putting me into a comtemplative mode. Been doing much reading snuggled under my warm blankets and some journaling too. Looks like there won't be any new pieces in the shop this week :p

Sunday, March 1

Taking a stroll through singapore

So happy to be featured amongst the other SG etsians :)

Seeing wedding all round...

Eeeeek! Has it been 10 days since my last update? Where have I been??!

Well, its hard to say really.. Mostly i've been knee deep in the preparations/research/hunt for vendors for the wedding that is now 11 months away. And it seems every other bride has booked their vendors wayyyy in advance and i am one of the few left skittering.... so yeah.. its been kinda mad. I now need to finalise the caterer for the reception.Soon. And decide which photographer and videographer i really want... Not easy for a Libran i tell you! For i am not a decision maker, i am one who will mull over every single aspect, over and over. Acckk..

And if you don't mind a little bit of wedding, i'd like to share these videos...

Julia + Phil Trash the Dress from StillMotion on Vimeo.

Betsy + Chase - Same-Day Edit - Tupelo, MS from StillMotion on Vimeo.

These are seriously my faves ever. Esp of the girl jumping into the lake for the TTD! What a perfect way to capture the memories. NOW i'm wishing i was super duper loaded, so that i could fly them (the filming crew not the brides!) half way across the world to film us... sigh..

Well, a girl can wish right?