Thursday, February 5

Of great finds and more

Look what we have here. I was pleasantly surprised a couple of days ago to find my Peach Posy pin on these lovely blogs - here and here! My first blog feature. You guys are so sweet ♥

Here are my favourites from their shop... since i am on a self-imposed ban on spending, perhaps you guys could beat me to these gorgeous pieces!

When birds sings by Sparkle Thots, both mine and her faves

Audrey in Oval by Cherbie, love the colours!

Oh, and i just have to share this! Miss behave posted the how-tos on her blog to make this really awesome neck warmer. Now i really don't quite have a use for a neck warmer in sunny Singapore, but it is really cute! Perfect substitute for your common knitted scarf. Here for instructions.

how cute is that!


  1. You really should have taken the photo with ONLY the neckwarmer, you don't want to scare your readers off with my face, now do you hon ?:D

    I wish I would live in Singapore! Now need for neckwarmers and we could have a crafty insomnia session.

    Big hugs for posting this!

  2. OOOh HELLO. Wowzer. Thanks for the post!

    Miss Behave - I LOVE that photo of you with the neckwarmer. Rather, of the neckwarmer with you! It adds Attitude to the product. That's right with a capital A. You go, gurl!

  3. Miss Behave - how can i NOT show your gorgeous face?!
    Hurhur... totally feeling you about the crafty insomnia session. None of my friends like crafting (gasp!), would love to have a sidekick, esp an insomniac one :p

    Cherbie - totally agreed! I love that picture of her as well :) btw, loving your new items!

  4. Aww girls you make me blush :)