Wednesday, February 11

New found love

I found myself completely immersed in these 2 blogs that i found today (can't recalled through which links though), i think you might be enamoured as well.... pls click on the image to be transported over ♥

And there was this sweet tutorial over at scissor variations as well that caught my eye. Been looking to do up one of this envelop accordion booklet for my wedding stuff and receipts, and this was kinda perfect. Well now, you could do one up for day to day use as well :) Go over here for a peek. That ribbon wire bunting up there is pretty swell too!

pictures from papiervalise

p/s thanks for all the love from the giveaway post and for taking part lovelies!


  1. Great finds! Oh and if you are still looking for wedding inspirations, you might like this one:

  2. oh how i love you so! thanks for the introduction, will def add it to my wedding blog list for inspiration :)