Thursday, February 19

Nature inspired goodness

Now i'm sure many of you have seen the crochet covered seastones over at resurrection fern before.

But she has just went another notch further with these nature inspired beauties. When i saw this on flickr, i just went crazy. Look at the moss in the thimbles! Sweet, sweet love...

all pictures from resurrection fern

Check out Margie's blog here and etsy shop here for more nature inspired goodness...

And if you fancy doing one yourself, do visit Molly over at a foothill home companion. She has so graciously shared a tutorial to make one of these crochet covered stones aptly named winter berries. I know i would love one on my desk...


  1. Oh, I love seeing artists' works that I've never seen before. And these are truly beautiful! The moss on the rock and thimble is so unique and works so well. :D Very inspirational work.

  2. Oh I love these, specially the last one, they would look so pretty in my desk :)