Saturday, February 14

And the winner is.....

And the winner is ........ Lucky no.13 - celestefrittata / Chiara from Italy!!
I'll be contacting you for your details

To all who took the time to participate, thank you for making my first giveaway a success! Here's to many more to come :)

Happy LOVEday darlings... remember you don't need a special someone to celebrate this day. Having a girl's day out would be mighty fun, just to enjoy each other's company! I for one am spending my day mostly at home since the love is working! Oh well, CSI will make up for it :p

p/s : I had a lot of trouble trying to upload my images! There seem to be some problem with blogspot, anyone else having the same problem?

/end of vent.


  1. Congrats Chiara, you are one lucky girl! :)

  2. Congrats Chiara!

    yes, I have often problems with uploading photos here :o(

  3. congrats to chiara! :)
    i'm not really on blogspot but the pictures to the blogspot sites i surf take forever to load.

  4. that's what i noticed too, most of the blogspot blogs i visit , the images just don't show up or take forever to load! hmmm...

  5. :-) Thanks girl!
    I just can't believe I won the giveaway... can't wait to wear my pins!
    Sina you roooooooock!