Thursday, February 19

Nature inspired goodness

Now i'm sure many of you have seen the crochet covered seastones over at resurrection fern before.

But she has just went another notch further with these nature inspired beauties. When i saw this on flickr, i just went crazy. Look at the moss in the thimbles! Sweet, sweet love...

all pictures from resurrection fern

Check out Margie's blog here and etsy shop here for more nature inspired goodness...

And if you fancy doing one yourself, do visit Molly over at a foothill home companion. She has so graciously shared a tutorial to make one of these crochet covered stones aptly named winter berries. I know i would love one on my desk...

Saturday, February 14

And the winner is.....

And the winner is ........ Lucky no.13 - celestefrittata / Chiara from Italy!!
I'll be contacting you for your details

To all who took the time to participate, thank you for making my first giveaway a success! Here's to many more to come :)

Happy LOVEday darlings... remember you don't need a special someone to celebrate this day. Having a girl's day out would be mighty fun, just to enjoy each other's company! I for one am spending my day mostly at home since the love is working! Oh well, CSI will make up for it :p

p/s : I had a lot of trouble trying to upload my images! There seem to be some problem with blogspot, anyone else having the same problem?

/end of vent.

Colors, lovely colors

New silk flowers. Slightly more abstract. Definitely more full and luscious. Lovely lovely colours. And with options to wear it in your hair! Will be updated in shop 15th Feb :)


Wednesday, February 11

New found love

I found myself completely immersed in these 2 blogs that i found today (can't recalled through which links though), i think you might be enamoured as well.... pls click on the image to be transported over ♥

And there was this sweet tutorial over at scissor variations as well that caught my eye. Been looking to do up one of this envelop accordion booklet for my wedding stuff and receipts, and this was kinda perfect. Well now, you could do one up for day to day use as well :) Go over here for a peek. That ribbon wire bunting up there is pretty swell too!

pictures from papiervalise

p/s thanks for all the love from the giveaway post and for taking part lovelies!

Tuesday, February 10

Words to inspire

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create."

Albert Einstein

Friday, February 6

Hearts and a giveaway!

I had told myself that i would do a giveaway (they look like so much fun!) when i reached 100 hearts on Etsy, to show my appreciation for all the love given. Currently, we're at 121 hearts (yayy!!) and that for my little shop of 22 items is a big deal for me! And what great timing especially since valentines' is just round the corner...

Above is what i'm giving away; my new-er, lush-er version of Winter's Rose brooch in white, a pair of x-stitched pin, a pair of mini hearts peg, a felt airmail envelope pin (the stitching is not fantastic but its cute!) and a repurposed matchbook notepad for those ideas on the go.

So here's the deal, leave a comment with your details (blog or email that i can contact you at) and i will do a draw on Valentine's itself. That will make a great valentine's gift for yourself, no? So what you waiting for, don't be shy, comment away!!

edit:/ i just noticed that there are 4 pins/brooches up there. How many can a girl wear right?! So i will offer to the winner to change the pair of x-stitched buttons to be backed with a magnet or bobby pins instead. Unless like me, the winner is obsessed with pins, of course! :p

Thursday, February 5

Of great finds and more

Look what we have here. I was pleasantly surprised a couple of days ago to find my Peach Posy pin on these lovely blogs - here and here! My first blog feature. You guys are so sweet ♥

Here are my favourites from their shop... since i am on a self-imposed ban on spending, perhaps you guys could beat me to these gorgeous pieces!

When birds sings by Sparkle Thots, both mine and her faves

Audrey in Oval by Cherbie, love the colours!

Oh, and i just have to share this! Miss behave posted the how-tos on her blog to make this really awesome neck warmer. Now i really don't quite have a use for a neck warmer in sunny Singapore, but it is really cute! Perfect substitute for your common knitted scarf. Here for instructions.

how cute is that!

Monday, February 2

Love on Flickr

I've been a little quite here lately, but wedding planning has been taking up quite a bit of my time. We have finally started with the planning (again) and i'm glad to report that we have been making some progress. Yipppeeee!! Looking forward to spending my monday with the love and more decision making over hot chocolate. Its been a while...

I'm also in the midst of doing up my fiber jewelry collection that i was talking about here. Very excited to see it coming together, i'll keep my fingers cross that the ideas in my head will translate just as i hope it would :)

And today, i found an inspirational love story on flickr. A love story about a boy and a girl. Who 'met' on flickr. Who began a relationship thousands of miles away, shared by their photos and who won the relentless support of many flickr fans. Both of them are such great photographers in their own right and when they combine the amazingness, the images will just blow you away. Some of my favourites below, go here and here for more.

All images from the lovebirds