Thursday, January 8

what i'm doing now....

... struggling with my treble crochet. Sorry Betsy, looks like there won't be much progress from the last lesson :(

... feeling hungry, yet don't really feel like eating. Talk about conflicting feelings! Typical libra!

... still thinking about the brother innov-is 900 i saw yesterday

... feeling the extreme need to clean my craft area aka room aka junkyard

... in a bit of a slum with creating. n e e d. t o .g e t. g o i n g. s o o n

... wanting to continue reading the saint, the surfer and the CEO by Robin sharma. One word = awesome {i have dedicated this as only night time reading, else i finish the book in one sitting}

what are you up to today?

1 comment:

  1. Yawn.. Just got back from work. *sulk*. Works suck.. I can't wait for the weekends.. :) It's TGIF tomorrow!