Friday, January 16

Vote for me, won't you?

Aaaaaaaahh! I saw rosetung's post on being voted on Etsy for seller's top item and went to take a look and vote...

and guess what?

My winter's rose is up for vote too!!!!! So excited!! So happy!! *jumps around*

Now you know what you have to do right? Of course you'll have to cast your vote (on me i hope!)

This is how. Sign in to etsy, go here and cast your vote! That simple :) Oh, and if you want to read more about this whole thing, go to this article. The hottest items will be featured in the Gift Guides and on the Etsy blog. Voting ends Jan 24th, so hurry!


  1. voted! yay!!! i love your stuffs! honestly. i wanna buy!!! soon when i get more sales i'll treat myself to your pretty goodies. ;)

  2. voted. I hope you'll make it!
    btw, I love your other post, it's nice to get a little inside in your life :) ok, the cereals are standing in front of me, it's not 3 am, but 11 pm and I'm off to watch the video now

  3. cheryl - thanks you love for the etsy vote and your vote of confidence :)

    miss behave - thanks you!! hope you enjoyed the video as much as i did :) nice to know i'm not the only one eating cereal at unearthly hours!