Friday, January 23

I'm back!

Hey lovelies, an update on the polls for Etsy that i made some of you vote for.

I didn't win. But i did get to top 21, and i did make it to the Gift Guides showcase!!! Yippeee! So thank you all of you who took the time to vote. It really meant so much for me ♥ The winner for the poll is the lovely cuff from waterrose . I mean seriously, that cuff is beyond awesome, look at the stitching details. It is definitely a well deserved win :)

And more happy news, my custom cross stiched buttons was spotted on a storque arcticle for another voting session and it has been driving much needed traffic to my shoppe! My shop hearts is up to 85 today :) and i got my first custom order for the buttons. Yes, i am grinning from ear to ear and yes, I am guilty of obsessedly checking my items views and hearts this couple of days. Guilty as charged ^-^

And the cherry on the cake is that my peach posy made it to Frontpage two days ago, thanks to Jennifer Burkin. Thanks Ruth for dropping me a note to inform me. WOW! That is a lot of awesome things to happen in just a few days, isn't it? I'm so grateful ♥

As you can tell by now, i am feeling more normal, more like me. I think it was just the pms taking its toll. And the most important lesson i learnt this week, is that sometimes you just need to stop pushing yourself. Cause if you're running on empty, it won't do anyone any good. A couple hours or a day busying yourself with something else will re-energise you. I definitely got some great inspiration after!

Ok, before i go, a couple of lovely links to be shared. The ever talented ayu mills has done up a lovely teapot pattern over here that's available for download. She has done a step by step complete with pictures to show you how. Sounds like a very fun project for the weekend!

And the second post for the Creativity column over at Decor8 is up, do go over. Holly is sharing how exercise and working out actually contributes to your creativity! Not such great news for a bum like me :p


  1. welcome back! :)

    sorry you didnt win but with all the positive vibes sent your way, I'm sure the lil shop will do just fine.

    blessed CNY!

  2. yaay! i did just visit your shop and saw that you had a few more sales and a rather big custom order huh!! hurray!! : )

    enjoy the looooong weekend.


  3. yay you made it to the guides!
    I had some kind of pms/getting old/hate the world thing going on too this week, so I totally understand you :)

  4. Ruth - the gift guides is a pretty good consolation, i'm not complaining :p thanks for the love :)

    Cherbie - yayyy for the custom order! hehe... crossing my fingers it will continue :)

    Miss behave - seriously, i think i get borderline crazy at the same time each month! LOL..

  5. what a lovely collection!!

    glad you're back!
    congrats on the etsy publicity :) very exciting!

  6. thanks Danni! Glad you drop by..

    Getting some 'publicity' on Etsy really does wonders for my lil' shop :)