Saturday, January 10

hot and cold fever

a few new items in the making...

Whilst trying to clean up (operative word = trying) i found my michael buble cd + dvd:caught in the act from years ago and immediately put in on. A little encouragement whilst i crochet. Nice. Yes, i'm a dork, i know.

And that explains the title of this post. Its not me having a hot and cold fever. Thanks god for that. I actually managed to fall asleep before 11 last night which is a pretty major thing. Considering i am a borderline insomniac. I normally get to sleep at about 3 or 4 or latest being 8. In the morning not at night. So i'm in a mighty chirpy mood today :)

Anyyyyyways, been working on new prototypes. I've been working with felt for a bit and am now trying other fibre options. New or found. That's the inspriration.

I had a lot of fun doing up the denim rosettes, so expect more colourful rosettes. Soon-ish. Also been experimenting with silk, traditional rolled-up roses and a more abstract singed flower... Those are the one you see up there.

At the same time, i'm also working on my crocheting. Completed my lessons with Betsy but definitely need more practice! I'm looking at combining crochet and other mediums to explore a wider range of fibre jewellery. That sounds pretty ambitious for now, but that will be the direction for 2009, or at least the next one month *wink*

a bow in the making

p/s: i just noticed all the colours i'm working on are pink! acckss.. not intentional though


  1. i HEART your blog. it's refreshing

  2. I love the colors you use, they're so airy and elegant!
    Oh and you could hang out with my boyfriend, he doesn't go to bed before 4 am either :)

  3. your blog is really really pretty! your photos are so well taken too. :)
    gonna link it to mine so i remember to keep coming back.