Monday, January 12

hello, my name is erase.

Its funny how in Etsy forums people tend to call me erase.

But i digress, some exciting news to be shared...

First, i start my storewide sale today! 15% off all items in conjunction with the up-coming valentine's. I urge you to do some clicking *shameless plug*

Second, i spend yesterday and today sewing and sewing and making many little buttons. My fingers are all sore but i had so much fun!

They could be pins or buttons or magnets, you choose. I think having these on the fridge is pretty cool, I might just stash some for myself :) Oh, and of course, you can have other phrases if corny is not your thing :p

Third, i scored a treasury tonight! So happy...

How's that for a great start to the week? Ooooooooh, and my best galfriend celebrates her 25th today. Happy birthday darling!!! I will keep your present for the next 4 months as per your wish *wink*

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