Tuesday, January 6

good start

well, few things i've been up to since the new year...

On the etsy front, sales has been pretty slow since x'mas. Much love to my friend, En for her custom order and Stephanie for your purchase since. For the first time, a total of 19(!) items are listed. I'm very excited of this accomplishment as you can see. Been enjoying more hearts, more views overall too. Slow and steady does it, i suppose.

On the creating side, i labelled Saturday as my victory day. I started early and work and work and work to complete 5 brooches in that day. Like seriously, no procrastinating, no excuses. Start, finish, pictures taken and listed the next day. Now if only that can be repeated each day without all my dilly dally!

And today was a good day. Got to spend the day with the mister who for the first time offered to come along to the hair salon with me. Well, i did my hair and he was at starbucks on his laptop. I finally treated myself to getting my hair done today. Could no longer stand the frizz. Maybe, just maybe i'll post a picture...

And we went to my fave mediterranean place for dinner and had a short walk down memory lane. Good times, I'm a happy girl.

Ooooooo...and yes, dear cherbie included my blush pin in her treasury. yeahh! thanks so much cherbie, this would be my first feature apart from that of the gift guide :)

i think its a pretty good start to the year.... now to more creating and less talking for me :p


  1. Hey there! So how about that photo of you with your hair done? Give it up :)
    Thanks for reading my blog.

  2. glad you drop by!

    hmmmm...we'll see bout the photo :p