Friday, January 16

Feeling loved

Thank you all of you lovelies who took the time to vote. I appreciate it so much. Especially the ladies over at the Singapore Etsy group. Thanks for the love!

Those who would still like to, voting is open till next week, 24th January. The mister actually signed up just to vote for me. How sweet! Thank you darling :)

In other news, today i listed my new creations. Made from silk, handcut and singed petal by petal, adorned with silk dupioni and swarovski. This is definitely a more refined look for erase and repeat and i would like to provide more variations in time to come. Just got my hands on some yummy supplies today. Can't wait to use them!

I'm considering doing up similiar pieces but as fascinator or on headbands. Or corsages... Hmmm i don't know yet, something to mull over. Also i'm literally dying to get the rolled roses right. Its still just not there for me yet. Experiment, experiment...

Till then, i'm leaving you with some lovely images. Here's to a great weekend!

ps. i managed to tweak the blog banner a little. Kinda more chocolatey now. What do you think?


  1. They are really beautiful and I would love your flowers on headband or anything I could put in my hair!

  2. yes, i'm thinking that too... Like a barette or comb. Will experiment and let you know it turn out *wink*

    and again thank you so much for doing up the post on your blog! i feel like squeezing you so hard..haha...

  3. i hope you'd win! i'm having some difficulty logging into etsy but when i get in, i'm voting for you! :)

    love your corsages. they're beautiful.

  4. your corsages are sooo pretty!! i wish i found out about you waaaay back in august 08 i could've used your stuff at my wedding! ;-) will keep in mind for other peoples' weddings