Thursday, January 29

Cuteness alert!

Eeeeek! How cute are these?

Its from Cubeecraft - where papercraft toys are available free for download! I've been searching for a calendar for my study aka craft area and my search for the old school lunar calendar has been in vain so far...

Then today, i found this via whip up and fell in love. I have always had something for robots, so robot + calendar seems just perfect! Will try this one and post the result soon...

And the fun part is each toy features interlocking tabs to put together. So all you need to do is just print on A4, cut according to the instructions and fold away. Make sure you check out all the characters available here.

1 comment:

  1. They are so cute!! Thanks for sharing! I recall another Singapore Etsy seller doing similar items. He is PaperToys. Not sure whether he still list them. :) Do check him out too!