Wednesday, January 21

Case of the blues

Its been a very trying few days. I have taken out my supplies, start and just couldn't continue. And then i tried something else, nope, not working either. There is now piles of silk, yarn, felt and papers all over my newly clean room. Nothing much done though.

I'll be back when i'm feeling a little chirpier...till then i'll be scrapbooking and doing much reading. Hopefully staring at gorgeous, colorful loud papers will work :)

starting the happy file to cheer me up


  1. hope you are feeling better!

    i just spotted you in a(n old) treasury! yay!

  2. thanks for dropping by ruth!

    hurhur, i nearly drop off my chair today when i saw 15 (!) new item hearts. Then i found out i was in that treasury. Yay! Thanks for letting me know :)