Friday, December 25

Ho ho ho!

{via Jackie Rueda}

Merry merry Christmas!!! Can't quite believe we are here in December again and that its going to be 2010 in a few more days! Wowww!

How have your december been? Are you done with the mad rush of holiday sales and gift buying? Are some of you making 2010 resolutions already?

I for one am counting down the days till 30th January instead of the end of year. And I look forward to start writing in again after that eventful date since my major to-do list will disintegrate after :p I have been such a bad blogger now, haven't I? I really missed you, my friends, hope you have not given up on me yet...

Til then, load up on the festive goodies and enjoy the rest of 2009!


Friday, November 20

Thursday, October 29

Silent Contentment

Aptly titled, if only... via mayalu

Sunday, August 9


Well, hi there!

I'm still here, albeit a little off the radar... I totally didn't mean to disappear like that but life's been getting a hold of me.

And whatever time left has been filled with all things Michael Jackson. Yes, I must admit it. It has become quite the consuming obsession since his passing. Any and every time you find me in front of the computer after work, i would be engrossed watching videos of him. And i prolly see this at least once each day, go take a look, the kids are so sweet! But on a serious note, i truly feel he is one of the most misunderstood and most talented person ever.

And the only creating I have done lately has been fulfilling orders and a large order for a local make-up artiste. Where has my groove gone?!

Aye aye aye... Well, here's a few links to share;

- oh so cute!
- very interesting video, really makes you think about what formal education does to the creative mind
- to ponder
- super excited with my newest buy!
- and i totally can't wait for this movie to be out, Zooey Deschanel makes me wants to wear pretty dresses all day, everyday

Sunday, July 5

Monday, June 15

Let's make tent!

I enjoy browsing designs of boutique hotels where each and every room brings you a totally varying experience. And then I came across Hotel Fox from Copenhagen. Especially that one at the bottom called sleep seasons! How cool to have a tent-liked bed in a hotel room? You could like ..ahem set up tent and sleep in the 'wild' and have a pretty jolly time with the room service :p

And if you can't make it to Copenhagen (like me), you might just want to improvise in your living room, like Katie did here.

Sunday, June 14

Saturday, June 13

Collage ladies

"Kat Macleod’s collage ladies will inspire confusing feelings of wardrobe envy, even though they are drawings and not people. She finds fashion, textiles, new art supplies and old books inspiring."

I'm totally loving this series of collage illustrations from Kat Macleod, hailing from Australia. I could not find if there is a particular outlet where she's selling these directly but they are for sale here. Smitten!

Friday, June 12

Item of the day!

Have you heard of Etsy Item of the Day?

Nope, I'm not referring to the daily email subscription from Etsy, what I am referring to here is a blog run a lovely lady, where she pick and choose to feature one Etsy item a day. Since there are so so many shops on Etsy, its so easy to get buried on the site itself. Thus i totally love the idea of Jackie's blog. And today, she picked my satin flower headband to feature! wooooot!

Go right on over to see what she has to say about eraseandrepeat and for more picks from Jackie.

Sunday, June 7

Word art for your walls

Lovely word art for your walls via {studio mela}

Tuesday, June 2


Totally smitten with this set of labels!

From the uber talented Yasmine of a print day, you can drop by here to download. Its gonna take me some willpower not to print like 50 pages of the notepad portion and make a set for myself. And the rounds labels on sticker paper... And the labels on cardstock coz you never know when you might need some in hand, ya know? Love, love, love...

Exciting news this monday...

This week is set to be an exciting one!

First of all, I got accepted for the exhibit over at paperNstitch for month of June and half of July *squee* I have always coveted the lovely shops on display and am so excited to be one of them this month! For those not familiar, paperNstitch is a curated online exhibition space for handmade goodies that changes each month. Go over for a peek, there's over 60 shops showcased this month with a whole variety of items for sale.

And get this - The shop with the most hearts each month
wins a month on papernstitch for free AND also a cash prize! Makes it that more exciting, eh? So if you like what you see, click on the heart and send me some loving, won't you? :)

And the second news, i officially start my 9-6 again this week! Although I don't look forward to the morning rush hour, i am so looking forward to the steady income :p Its kind of a flexi arrangement, so i will be working about 4 days a week and the remaining time will be dedicated for eraseandrepeat making. Its something I have been wanting to do for a while and am so delighted to have this opportunity now.

How's that for exciting news on a Monday? *wink*

Sunday, May 31


I have to say working on bridal pieces is prolly my favourite of all. As i watch the pieces come together, I often daydream how the same pieces will someday be accompanying a girl on her big day somewhere in another part of the world, and I dream the different settings and themes and wonder what sort of hairdo she'll have, what sort of jewelry she will wear, how her gown might look like... heeee, it sounds a little silly but all this daydreaming makes me deliriously happy!

Lately, I have also been thinking of some designs for my own outdoor pre-wedding shoot (similiar to the engagement photos in the States) Hmmm... looks like it might be time to play with more feathers and dream a little more.

Saturday, May 30

Do the snail mail

Some weeks ago, Clarie drop me a mail to introduce her works and also this range of hand drawn postcards. Turns out she's a fellow artist in Singapore! Together with her sister, they run an online store runrave, where they have a smorgasbord of jewelry, clay figurines, wedding favors and then some.

These few postcards caught my fancy, and i do think it will be lovely as a thank you note for a wedding. Don't you think?

Thursday, May 28

Of journal and journaling

A blank page awaits...

I have been trying (very hard, i might add) to start journaling on a consistent basis; ie everyday. But try as I might, it seems so difficult to pick up the journal and start writing..hmmm...

So in a spur of the moment, I decided that I should make myself one. What could be more inspiring than writing in your own hand-bound, self-decorated journal right? So in the middle of the night, I literally pick up bits and pieces from the table and glue them down. I had started on some signatures way back from a blank notepad so that came very handy for the body. My usual perfectionist tendencies was left behind on this project as I allow myself to venture out of my analytical mind and focus more of the colours and textures - trying new things that i don't normally think would look good together. And even though it looks kind of haphazard in a way, i'm pretty satisfied with the outcome.

Now the next step is to errrr.. actually start writing in it... :p

Sunday, May 24

Let's play in the rain!

lovely image from here

In the midst of the crazy heat and sudden downpours, this week seemed to have flown by without me realising... and its going to be June soon! Wow, time sure flies when you're having fun eh?

Here's a quick share of my link loves for the week

a new fave blog

Creativitae's first giveaway, awesome loot to be won!

love everything in this shop here

inspiring interview with Carolyn over at Makeunder my life

having this playing in my head over and over

falling in love with Tara's flickr stream

Have a lovely weekend folks! Esp you guys over in the US, enjoy the long weekend :)

Tuesday, May 19

Its in colour!

So how do you likey the spanking new design and layout?

I've been working my very rusty hands on photoshop this couple of days and spend the whole day today playing with the mouse and going crossed eyed with the blog's html codes. The last I editted codes was prolly 6 years ago! Been wanting to switch to a 3 column layout for a while now and finally managed to find a clear tute today that works. I'm a happy bear! And i totally went crazy with the colours, didn't I? :p Well, looking at them makes me happy so I guess it'll stay for a while :))

And while at it, I totally started a brand new blog. I have been wistfully looking at tumblr journals this past few weeks and they all look so fresh and interesting. So i jumped on the bandwagon and started Words to Inspire for my own personal inspiration. I love collecting quotes and anecdotes and have trouble keeping them in one place, so tumblr is perfect! And of course, I can't resist adding some yummy pictures that I came across as well :)

Very productive day indeed...

Friday, May 15


Like how totally gorgeous are these? And i mean both the photography and couple. I was pretty sure they were models, but it seems they're not.

Excuse me while i go drool somemore...

{via smitten}

So this thing about clutter : Part 2

a cross stitch I did when i was about 9/10, uncovered in the last clean-up

So its been 2 weeks since my last post on my major overhaul on the cluttered homefront. I said "For the first time ever, i am making a conscious decision to keep at this and de-clutter my space. To be more present with the choices i make daily. "

15 days later, where do I stand?

I'm elated to share that I have been consciously keeping at this neatness 'thing'. For the first time in prolly forever, I have been making my bed everyday. Every single day. My dresser that used to be overrun by my beauty products is still neat and everything has been going back to its own little nook. My study has also maintained its status where I can actually see the table surface now. I have been somewhat conscious with my choices daily and wow, what a difference it makes!

And this newfound freedom has took on other areas in my life ~ like the computer. I have finally set up folders so that my daily subscription emails goes to their own and I can check on them when I want to, instead of having to weed through every one of them. So simple, yet so easy to overlook.

Other small steps I have taken includes registering my domain name for Erase and Repeat. Even if it only links to the etsy shop for the moment, it's a step nonetheless in the right direction :) Perhaps its time to work on a webpage eh? For now I'm working on my namecard design in preparation for my first craft booth at MAAD come July! Yes, I have send in my reservation, hopefully it gets approved. Now buzzing with 101 ideas on things to make :)

These are but some of the things that has been on my mind and to do list for a while now. Taking action is always hard for me for the first few times, but I do think it gets easier the more I flex that DO muscle. Now i need to take up the courage to do more from that list...

Safe to say, I have been feeling more in my game, even when I have had less than motivational thoughts in the wee hours of the morning. Like Aimee said, perhaps its a creative tension that I'm feeling as I'm stretching my wings and learning to fly. Slowly but sure, uh?

Oh, and I attended my third yoga class yesterday and I'm loving it! Friends of mine would know that I have been talking about taking up yoga for soooo long now. Well, I have finally signed up and started and boy, does it feel good :) I'm not a athletic person, so yoga and stretching myself into weird positions is totally up my alley!

I shall end this post with a tweet I just read from Robin Sharma ~

"It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare. It is because we do not dare that things are difficult." Seneca

Aaaaaaaahhh, perpective :)

Tuesday, May 12

Of thoughts at 3 in the morning...

If you have been following closely, you'd have noticed that i've been very steadily producing new pieces in the last 2 weeks ~ jewellery, hair pieces, bridal pieces. I think i finally got the groove going, wooot!

Moving into the craft room have definitely provided a great boost in the productivity area. I'm finally able to separate work and rest and concentrate on both! (Even if i'm still sleeping at 5 in the morning) It has also been exhilarating not to contain myself to only making brooches or hairpieces and exploring and venturing and doing more. I have had a lot of fun witht the new pieces and i'd love to hear if any of you have got any feedback on them :)

And lately i also noticed something a lil' weird that made me think if i'm going a little crazy.

I will be very happily producing and creating and making things during the day and evening. But at the wee hours that i'm up (like now), i tend to get very emotionally charged. For no reasons it seemed, i tend to dwell. On the past. On the future. On whether i should be getting a proper job. On what sort of job i should be doing. On whether sales will pick up. On things to make. On the goals i should be making. On the ones i made. On the things i ought to be doing.

And i drive myself crazy with these thoughts!

Even though i have not for once regretted leaving my well paying job to venture on a more soulful ambition, I wonder. I question the future. And sometimes i get upset. Not to get all negative nancy on you, but i scare myself a little sometimes, you know. With my own thoughts. And its not that i'm unhappy, this is prolly the happiest i've been in a while. I am certain that the corporate world is not for me. I know that this is what i want to be doing. So why oh why am i feeling like this?!

Aaahhhhh, the things i think about at 3 in the morning... do you think i'm going crazy?

Current favourites...

My current flickr faves, such a girly collection!

1. mein decor8 moodboard contest!, 2. 'twas whispered in Heaven...,

Sunday, May 10

I want...

How lovely would these be, all stacked nicely like that in my ahemm 'new' craft room? Esp love the fabric of the first and third and that little pocket inside!

75 € each (!) from here

Saturday, May 9

What I've been up to this week...

Been making time to make more jewelery; necklaces and earrings for now. Trying new things, making use of my stash of old and new and falling in love with the shiny sparkling world of semi-precious stones and Czech glass beads...

Have a lovely weekend now!


Wednesday, May 6

The Great Gatsby

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine requested for a custom feather hairpiece for a theme party she was throwing. I had been till then, a little aprrehensive to try them for reasons that i myself cannot fathom but tried I did. And henceforth came all the feathery goodness in the lil' shop now. Feathers are so much fun! So much thanks to E for making me get off my butt and get cracking (no pun intended)

And this is her hairpiece, black feathers - checked, full on glam - checked, 3D effect - errr, didn't quite materialised (!) lol...

Words to Inspire

“ we are [all] artists, and life, itself, is our medium "

~ joseph goldstoin

Monday, May 4


I've been re-taking and re-framing my product shots, trying to make it a little more exciting and not so flat. The above are some of my faves. And all the 'treasures' that i found whilst clearing the old room came to be such good props!

My mind is swirling with so many ideas and so many new things to make now. Somehow 24 hrs is still not sufficient... gahhh

Friday, May 1

So this thing about clutter...

This whole week has been all about spring cleaning and de-cluttering for me...

And for someone who really doesn't like cleaning, that took quite a bit of dedication i must say. It all started when i decided to finally sort/clean/organise my old room ~ to try and do up a craft nook where i can create and store all my craft stuff. Stuffs that has literally took over my bedroom. I'm not kidding when i say it was getting nauseating to be in the bedroom for such a long period of time everyday. And not very inspiring either.

The mission was simple. Just throw all the junk that i have not been using, clean a little (or a lot in this case) and make do for the next 9 months or so. But for the life of me, i didn't expect it to be so liberating! I seriously feel like a brand new person now with two clean and (fairly) organised room :) I guess i didn't quite realised how the space that you spend so much time in really can influence you (even though i have heard it way too many times before and yes, i am a trained Interior designer, damnit)

So the cleaning and throwing spree started last Sunday where i went through things from a decade ago and got snapping with the camera...

Top is my mom looking oh so pretty,
bottom left is yours truly prolly at 5/6 yrs old and
on the right is my eldest brother at his kindergarten graduation!

all the badges i received from NPCC in secondary (high) school

our family old Kodak! used to take this to excursions :)

errrm, unwashed water color palette from 5 years ago?!
makes a good picture though :p

There's many more from where that came from, see the whole collection in my flickr set.

And tonight, some stars in the universe must have aligned as i was switching channels on the telly, only to land on the Oprah's Clean up your Messy house tour!!! Did someone set me up? C'mon you guys, own up! LOL. It was a real interesting episode i must say. And of course, i had to go and find out more about this Peter Walsh guy and look what i found... This Is the Year to De-Clutter Your Life. Hello, story of my life!

I knew that I needed a kick in the rear to up and get organised not just at home but generally in life. To start taking actions instead of just planning. To make that first,second and the third steps after. For the first time ever, i am making a conscious decision to keep at this and de-clutter my space. To be more present with the choices i make daily. And to be honest, I have already started to feel more at peace than before. Peter mentioned that to have an organized and clutter free home and ultimately life, you need to honor and respect the space you have. WOW, what a thought! That is something they don't teach you in design school now.

Well, I'll let you know how it unfolds :) pictures of the new craft area will be up in a few weeks as i slowly put everything together. Exciting!

Friday, April 24


{image from Poppytalk handmade}

Wooooott! Eraseandrepeat is featured today on Poppytalk handmade for the Mother's day showcase, together with lots of other pretties. Do go over for a peek!

Thanks so much to Jan for including my Candy Pop necklace. I responded to her tweet last night and was pleasantly surprised when i came by her blog today... Okay, i admit i might have let out a tiny squeal :p

Hmmm.. What have I been up to this week? Well, I took a short break early in the week and have since been working on my custom order, making multiple trips to the supplies store and also dreaming of feather hairpieces and hairbands. My fingers are itching to get started on them feathers, can't wait!

Have a lovely weekend you guys!

Thursday, April 23

A little bit of old world charm

{image from here}

Always always in awe at the things Livy comes up with... this time round its vintage music sheet turned into cones and edged with butterflies! This would be so perfect filled with rose petals for a wedding ceremony in a old chapel. And if you've not been to her blog before, you definitely should be a-visiting. I promise you won't be disappointed :)

Detailed instructions and how tos for the cones published here on Once Wed.

{image from here}

And whilst going click happy on Once Wed, i found this image that looks so perfect to me. How much would i love to be wearing a dress like that! *sigh*

I have a secret message...

Now, i wouldn't mind receiving one of this... Perhaps taped to the window, next to the study table... A perfect reminder that really, it's okay!

More goodness over at her shop the Sweetie Pie Press


Totally love the styling in this picture! From the walls lined with pages from a vintage(?) book, the flowers in the metal pail, the stacks and stacks of books, the super huge cross stitched frame, and of course the lovely dress, so ethereal!

To read more on the interview with the wedding dress designer, go here. For more eye candy, drop by Elizabeth Dye's website here.

Thursday, April 9

Sparkle sparkle

Newest addition to my bridal hairpieces. This one comes with a little more sparkle! Can i be a little shameless and say that i love it?

Tuesday, April 7

A note i received the other day...

"hello! i just wanted to let you know that i wear the black heart cross stitched pin almost every day. i love it so very, very much. <3"

she totally made my day!

Monday, April 6

well, hello there...

I've been MIA for a bit now, haven't I? Well, let's list a few things i've been up to...
- recovering from my cold (without a trip to the doc's...yayyyy!)
- finding a job
- finding a job
- finding a job and still thinking about what i really want to be doing
- making a scrapbook collection of our awesome memories from the past 4 years for the mister
- celebrating a year since we got engaged
- meeting a potential photographer for the wedding and learning they are wayyyyy too expensive, bummer!
- meeting with the team who are doing up the decor for our reception and being pleasantly surprised :)
- going on a shopping trip for supplies and buying way more things than i need
- thinking about how to improve my Etsy shop and thinking about new items to make (note how its thinking and not making)
- starting new hairpieces but not finishing them

I think i just needed a little break from the online world for a bit there to catch up on some real world activities. And figuring out what to do now that my three month self-imposed break (exile) from work is up.... and the reality of bills, a wedding, a new house and renovations are creeping in... eeeeek!

Pictures above are from our day out in Arab Street. Initial plan to go on a picnic and/or the zoo(!) didn't quite materialise, no thanks to the erratic weather this few weeks. Boohooo... We finally made it out in the afternoon; a short walk clicking about with the Canon and then dinner at our usual place.

Brand new week, brand new to do list. Time to get cracking!

putting on my dancing shoes

this is so awesome!!! via {capucha}

Friday, March 27


I'm in the midst of fighting off a cold, hence the silence here... Although, rushing off orders and taking photos, editting and listing all the new pieces has totally been taking up the time meant for some rest. I admit to being a little too obssessed with the new collection :p

Here's some of my Flickr favourites for the moment, some eye candy in lovely hues of spring. Enjoy!

1. Rose in Hand, 2. Toast UK, 3. Untitled, 4. Untitled,

5. Untitled, 6. hello there letterpress card, 7. ritzy bee collateral,

8. Untitled, 9. Pink Buttons Frame Clutch

And psssstt, if you have not seen the latest project by Holly (decor8) and Ez (Ceature comforts), you totally should be heading to Kindred. Gorgeous downloadable wallpaper, note cards & gratitude notes awaits! And there's a forum too, perhaps the perfect chance to get to know your fave artists/blogger better.

Saturday, March 21


The first time i found Poladroid, i couldn't download the application as it was only meant for Mac users at that point. I went again this morning and guess what, now it is! (And i guess for a while already since i have not check in for a bit :p)

So what's a poladroid? Its this nifty application that turns your photos into polaroids!! So much fun! I can totally see myself spending way too much time on this...

And these are part of my newest necklace; layers of tiffany blue silk and a lil' bit of tulle on gold chain, with some swarovski and pearls. Oh, and the toggle clasps is a bird sitting on a branch... can i say i'm in love with that clasp? Had a lot of fun making this series of necklaces. More on my flickr.

Have a great weekend you guys!