Thursday, December 11

when the craft bug strucks at one in the morning

forgive the bad is afterall 1:40 in the morning

i've been wanting to make a simple card holder, to hold my calling cards so that i could like you know...start giving it out.

That idea started well over 2 months ago and i have been procastinating. Sometimes when i lay in bed, willing myself to sleep, i would think about it. What material to to construct it, how to embellish, which colours to use...

Then tonight, just as i was just about to log off the internet and go flip through the knitting (!) books i just borrowed from the library, i was overcomed with the desire to just grab a needle and start sewing! I swear i was sort of posessed during that few minutes. And half an hour later, my masterpiece emerged. My favourite logo with my favourite colored felt housing my handmade cards. I'm a happy duck :)
This is something else i have been playing with, from earlier today. Irregular pieces of felt stained, then stacked together and top off with some vintage buttons...

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