Monday, December 29

shades of grey does it

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Inspired by dear piggy, i was on the lookout for openings in the ever elusive treasury yesterday. And as i was fiddling through the forum, fishstikks was kind enough to raise an alert of the opening in treasury west, so i and about 183 other people (!) staked the page. Hurhur... i found it super hilarious at all of us, all over the world were hitting the refresh button every few minutes and willing the list to expire at the same time!

In any case, i had beginner's luck, managed to stumble my way to create this lovely collection of items. Yes, i'm very much into the grey mode right now. Shades of grey with a splash of colour does it. Enjoy!


  1. love your treasury :)! too funny -- I just posted a "treasury stats" item on my blog!! it becomes a bit addictive!!

  2. hi carolyn! thanks for dropping by...

    yes, treasury making is addictive, isn't it?