Saturday, December 20


I had the most fantastic salad for lunch today.Like most fantastic ever. I am by no means a health junkie and salad are more often not my idea of lunch. Or dinner. Like seriously...

However, there is this new salad bar that opened about 6 months ago at work. And some of my colleagues have mentioned how good it is. But still i thought, a meal of veggies and nuts? No thanks!

Till maybe like 2 months ago, a colleague bought me lunch, a salad wrap - freshly tossed salad wrapped in pita bread. It was loaded full of goodness and i think i spend close to 45 minutes eating it - it took so long only because it was stuffed full of goodness and i was enjoying it. And i was kinda won over. I am a total junkie (the junk food sort of course!) I eat chocolates almost everyday and i thrive on chips and the likes. So trust me when i say they won me over! Its reaaaaaaaally good.

Feeling kinda healthy-ish today, i decided to go for a salad. Like just the salad without the wrap. My mom would have been so proud! Hurhur... and the verdict? Well, i was making funny moaning noises while devouring it (in my head rather than out loud, thank you.) So good i tell you!

And i feel so full and healthy (no dreaded carbo after effect) So i thought i should spread the goodness around you know? Its called Reload juice bars and originated from NZ. Wait.. let me get this right. They actually called themselves New Zealand’s most innovative fast food outlet. Fast food?? I would love to see more "fast food outlets" like this then.

So go, grab something and stuff yourself silly without the guilt! Yummy!

p/s : only available in NZ, UK and Singapore. Don't ask me why...

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