Friday, December 26

all in the details

Look what greeted me in the morning yesterday... sitting there right smack on the dining table. Noticed the crocheted tablecloth - part of my mom's collection :) but i digress..
I have been waiting for this package to arrive and i have to say i had to restrained myself from ripping the mailer open. Amazingly, i managed to contain my excitement to document the process and share with you guys...

hello!, originally uploaded by erase and repeat.

I bought a sweet pair of earrings and the mini stamp set from here and i must applaud Danni for the details that went into the packaging. I am a sucker for nicely wrapped packages and details! ahhhhh... where should i start?

From the recycled mailer (eco, yeah!) adorned with stickers to remind you to reuse the bubble mailer, to a recycle tissue wrapping the brown bag holding the goodies, to the airmail (how did you know i'm in love with the par avion anything?!) envelope holding the earrings which was of course wrap in vellum and machine stitched. Aaaaahhhh, did i say i love details?

There were endless stickers and stamped details in every corner. How long did it took her to wrap all this? I don't know. All i can say is, this is why i'm in love with buying handmade. From the conversation you have with the seller, to the details evident in their handiwork and (in this instance) even the packaging and a little sweet thank you note to end it all.

This really made my day. Thank you Danni!


  1. Those earrings are so pretty!! Thanks for sharing! I love love those packaging as well! It's amazing how little details like the wrapping, little note can go a long way to make the buyer experience more memorable! :) I can't wait to get my new purchases! Will share when I get them :P

  2. hi piggy! yes, they are beautiful... i love wrapping my orders as gifts myself but this really blew me away... hurhur..

    yes, pls do share when you get yours. will look forward to it :)

  3. I love to get packages! Even if I ordered it, it always feels like getting presents :) Btw, love the header and the name of you blog!