Tuesday, December 23

following your dream

Anyone who knows me know that i am a book fiend. I hoard books of all kinds and satisfy my endless crave at any chance i get. And you know how some people read before they sleep just to lull them to sleep? Oh no, that doesn't work with me. I WILL end up not sleeping and reading the book instead, esp a book like this one.

My latest book treasure is the alchemist, written in 1988. I have read so so many reviews for this book ever since a couple of years ago, i just didn't go out looking for it. Then last week, whilst at the bookstore with the mister, i saw a copy. Just there staring at me... hmmm.. why not i thought? Honestly, reading the summary at the back of the book, i wasn't enthralled. I even wondered if i might enjoy the story. I took a chance and $17.95 later, I'm glad to say that i was proved wrong. And even more, i fell in love. It is a very magical tale indeed.

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“When I wrote The Alchemist, I was trying to understand the reason for the existence of life. Instead of writing a philosophical treatise, I decided to converse with the child inside my soul.

To my surprise, this child was living inside millions of people around the world. With this book I wanted to share with my readers the questions which, precisely because they don't have an answer, make life a great adventure”. - Paulo Coelho

This book has came to me (I'd like to think anyway!) at the perfect time. I might not have appreciate it as much had i read it 2 years ago. Right at the point where i am questioning my life choices, my everyday existence, about where i am and where i am going; it came to me and made perfect sense.

Paulo Coelho just reaffirmed my desires in his book. I know now i am not the only one with the endless questions and struggles. I took a stab in the dark three months ago to go on an adventure seeking my dream, to really take a chance and see where it might take me. And i have never been more happier or feel more fulfilled. I like this new adventure, i like how i have more time on my hand to go to the library and look at books on craft...or knitting... or jewellery making...or sewing. I like that i can now make a list of things i want to learn, not really so that i can make things to sell but more so the experience of learning that new skill that will bring me so much joy. These are on my list currently;

♥ bookbinding (inspired by my fetish for notebooks/sketchbooks of all kinds)
♥ sewing (so i can finally learn how to use all those attachments!)
♥ crochet & knitting (i'm in the midst of taking classes, more later)
♥ learn to use my Canon EOS 450D and all its functions (been contemplating classes here)
♥ been thinking of clay art as well

I have always love making things with my hands and i am so happy that i have made an effort to listen to my heart and follow this dream. God willing it will materialize.

As Paulo Coelho say,

"When you want something, the whole Universe conspires to help you realize your dream."


  1. Thanks for sharing! Hmm.. another book to check out.. :) I hope your dream of being a full time crafter will come true soon :)

  2. Hi piggy! yup, its a very interesting fable. I would highly recommend...

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I've been wanting to read this book! It's definitely on my list of books to read :)