Wednesday, December 31

end and to the beginning

2008 came and has gone by in a flash.

It has been a year full of doubt and uncertainties for me as i search and seek for my dharma. To be true to myself and bask in my own skin and not who i think i should be. But as with the hazy and tough, there were definitely many great times as well...

The main highlights of my year will have to be;

- getting engaged to the man i adore ♥
- discovering the handmade community
- going for my dream to set up an online shoppe
- etsy, etsy, etsy!
- learning to listen to my inner child, once again

And to end my 2008, taken from note to self,

" I dare you...

…to take action. You know all those great ideas you have, all those people you want to reach out to, all those dreams of yours? Act on them. Ignore that little voice that says, “Don’t be silly, that would never work.” You’ve got lots of ideas. Some are big; some are little. Some are good; some are phenomenal. Today, choose one idea, whichever calls your fancy, and act on it. "

I shall start my 2009 on this note - stop procrastinating and start making! Have a great new year's everyone!



  1. Congrats to your engagement! And we share two highlight: Etsy and discovering the crafty online community:) Happy new year!

  2. Just stop by ans say hello! Happy New Year!!!

  3. Etsy and the online community have definitely been a highlight of my year as well!

  4. thanks for dropping by! hope all of you had a great new year's!

  5. life is nice.. with love! happy new year!