Thursday, December 25

can you teach me magic?

I was introduced to Capucine a while ago and was immediately smitten. Today as i was going through my favourites, i drop by their vimeo to see if there was any new videos. This was what i saw ...

"What is it ?" from Capucha on Vimeo.

Isn't she just a gem? I want a french baby now, thank you! hurhur... and while you're at it, watch this one here. My absolute favourite.

This particular video was such a huge hit in the blogosphere that Anne (Capucine's mommy), with help of several awesome persons, have set up a project in order to raise money for Edurelief, a development organization based in Mongolia, who helps providing school books to Mongolian kids.

Pls do visit skreened for t-shirts similiar to the one below, zazzle for some buttons and magnets or you can also make a direct donation on Edurelief's website

This is Capucine's drawing of the character from her story and its available for sale here. There's a total of 9 designs available, all very yummy.

I think its absolutely lovely what Capucine is doing, so pls do lend your support!


  1. Thanks for sharing, sina! Capucine is so cute!

    Have a blessed Christmas! :)

    God Bless

  2. Would Capucine's "Once Upon a Time" make a good movie?

  3. Definitely! I think it'll make a great animation... sometimes i wish i could have the imagination of a child again :)