Friday, November 28

perfection a vice?

What happened to the eco totes and lunchbags that i was talking about?

Well you see, that has something to do with the perfectionist in me. I have a total of 2 lunch bags and 5 eco totes all cut out, embroidered and waiting to be sewn together. And out of 7, 2 are ready... But the perfectionist in me is still not satisfied, so they are sitting in a corner waiting...

I so wanted to finish them and put them up for sale but..but.. hmm... oh well... the 3 new fabric/felt brooches will have to do for now.

And i've been waiting and wanting to do the fabric sketchbooks for a while too... let's try find time for that soon-ish. I can't bear to see my shop so empty!

Till i get to craft again on sunday... have a good weekend everyone! (all 2 of you reading :p )

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