Wednesday, November 19

first sale!! wooohooo!

i've been hard at work the whole day, putting together my eco and lunch bags (to be up in the shop sometime next week) and only managed to get on the computer in the evening.

like i do everyday, i checked my email... and then i noticed one from paypal. Weird, i thought, i didn't buy anything the last few days. And imagine my shock/surprise when i read the header " payment received from ....." payment?? and with a shipping address??!

after five whole minutes of jumping up and down like a mad women and calling the mister, i sat down and start looking through my etsy shop & conversations. I was featured by some lovely person on the front page...which led to a few more hearts (!) and my very first sale. Bless this person...although i don't quite know how to go looking for him/her, but u made my day, make that week.

Such a rush, such a rush.. my winter's rose will be flying to the US to a lovely lady this weekend!

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