Friday, November 28

perfection a vice?

What happened to the eco totes and lunchbags that i was talking about?

Well you see, that has something to do with the perfectionist in me. I have a total of 2 lunch bags and 5 eco totes all cut out, embroidered and waiting to be sewn together. And out of 7, 2 are ready... But the perfectionist in me is still not satisfied, so they are sitting in a corner waiting...

I so wanted to finish them and put them up for sale but..but.. hmm... oh well... the 3 new fabric/felt brooches will have to do for now.

And i've been waiting and wanting to do the fabric sketchbooks for a while too... let's try find time for that soon-ish. I can't bear to see my shop so empty!

Till i get to craft again on sunday... have a good weekend everyone! (all 2 of you reading :p )

Sunday, November 23


what to expect in the coming shop update....

really liked how this turned out

new labels!


Shop update - 25th nov, till then

Wednesday, November 19

first sale!! wooohooo!

i've been hard at work the whole day, putting together my eco and lunch bags (to be up in the shop sometime next week) and only managed to get on the computer in the evening.

like i do everyday, i checked my email... and then i noticed one from paypal. Weird, i thought, i didn't buy anything the last few days. And imagine my shock/surprise when i read the header " payment received from ....." payment?? and with a shipping address??!

after five whole minutes of jumping up and down like a mad women and calling the mister, i sat down and start looking through my etsy shop & conversations. I was featured by some lovely person on the front page...which led to a few more hearts (!) and my very first sale. Bless this person...although i don't quite know how to go looking for him/her, but u made my day, make that week.

Such a rush, such a rush.. my winter's rose will be flying to the US to a lovely lady this weekend!

Monday, November 17

passion... and the craft

jack the owl

a new start... that will hopefully detail my journey as i start my online shop erase and repeat!

i have been busy with the 'prototypes' that will make their grand entrance into the shop soon i hope.. trial and error. things have been really fun, i have 1001 ideas that keeps me awake all night waiting to be created and me being the perfectionist that i am, have been disecting them part by part, step by step.. Somehow, before i start on anything, i will mentally work out the detail steps and process first, yes, i'm weird like that!

the winter's rose brooch & the needlebook is currently in the shop but the two pouches, although really really appealed to me needs more improvement in the construction :)