Sunday, February 14

happy ♥ day!

Some of my fave shots from our outdoor shoot prior to the wedding... Thought today might be the perfect day to share with you guys :) Happy Valentine's and a happy lunar new year!

p/s yes, we're married! will share pics once i get my hands on them

Friday, December 25

Ho ho ho!

{via Jackie Rueda}

Merry merry Christmas!!! Can't quite believe we are here in December again and that its going to be 2010 in a few more days! Wowww!

How have your december been? Are you done with the mad rush of holiday sales and gift buying? Are some of you making 2010 resolutions already?

I for one am counting down the days till 30th January instead of the end of year. And I look forward to start writing in again after that eventful date since my major to-do list will disintegrate after :p I have been such a bad blogger now, haven't I? I really missed you, my friends, hope you have not given up on me yet...

Til then, load up on the festive goodies and enjoy the rest of 2009!


Friday, November 20

Thursday, October 29

Silent Contentment

Aptly titled, if only... via mayalu

Sunday, August 9


Well, hi there!

I'm still here, albeit a little off the radar... I totally didn't mean to disappear like that but life's been getting a hold of me.

And whatever time left has been filled with all things Michael Jackson. Yes, I must admit it. It has become quite the consuming obsession since his passing. Any and every time you find me in front of the computer after work, i would be engrossed watching videos of him. And i prolly see this at least once each day, go take a look, the kids are so sweet! But on a serious note, i truly feel he is one of the most misunderstood and most talented person ever.

And the only creating I have done lately has been fulfilling orders and a large order for a local make-up artiste. Where has my groove gone?!

Aye aye aye... Well, here's a few links to share;

- oh so cute!
- very interesting video, really makes you think about what formal education does to the creative mind
- to ponder
- super excited with my newest buy!
- and i totally can't wait for this movie to be out, Zooey Deschanel makes me wants to wear pretty dresses all day, everyday